About Us

Founded in 2011 and born from a GRIT (Girl Raised In Texas), yet manifested on the streets of NYC - Brooklyn to be exact.

Haus of Swag, a dreamy innovation from Houston-native, Toni Grant – a serial entrepreneur and Haus of Swag’s founder. 

Toni, an avid t-shirt collector, was shopping back in 2010 and became frustrated at not finding (1) relatable graphic tee; none of the imagery/statements featured looked like nor spoke to her or the girls in her squad.  She knew she could design something that would speak the language of a FLY GRL’S aesthetic and here we are.

Since its inception the Haus of Swag mission has been to create distinctly curated images of self-expression and empowerment for women of color.  Simply put, what we didn't see - we created.  We’ve always represented women of color “fashionably” who are often-times marginalized, stereotyped or completely left off the cutting room floor of creative fashion and branding. 

We positioned ourselves in a way that was meaningful and relevant in support of women disrupting the status-quo of what and who we are allowing our graphics to write the story of artistic messaging and influential concepts.

In 2014, we extended our growing products of apparel and accessories into the successful launch of ‘The DollHaus Project’, a collection of vintage-to-modern, meticulously styled OOAK (one-of-a-kind) black fashion collector dolls. These pint-sized cuties are customized in our signature Haus of Swag apparel featuring an array of customized natural hair styles and doll fashions created by our founder, Toni Grant.

We are cultivated in the hearts of true fashionistas, streetwear enthusiasts, status-quo disruptors and sisters on top of their game (hence the logo). We create our own trends and standards of beauty, we reject conformity of any kind. We go there with a love and knowledge of self - we are not your average clothing "brand", we’ve redefined cool.

At Haus of Swag, we're fly, we rule and we KNOW it – can you dig it?

Haus of Swag is a movement and our motto is simple, "make ‘em feel something."