I Am One Dope Chick Oversized Jumpsuit In Black X Yellow

Size Guide



Return of the funky one!

  • *I AM ONE DOPE CHICK* single-stitched embroidery in YELLOW color
  • Jumpsuit color: blush pink
  • Jump-in suit (no zippers or buttons, think FLIGHT suit but stylish)
  • Ultra relaxed
  • Long-sleeves
  • French terry fabric
  • Sporty front pocket details
  • Drop crotch
  • Mid-weight
  • OVERSIZED fit 
  • V-neck
  • Cuffs at the ankle
  • Measures 57-60 inches in length (model wearing size small)
  • Materials: 90% polyester, 7% rayon, 3% spandex

****SIZING INFO**** All images listed models are pictured in size small (unless otherwise listed). Be sure to check the sizing chart for measurements. Please be mindful of how clothing will appear, fit and feel as it pertains to varying body types, i.e. top heavy, bottom heavy, height, weight, etc. Depending on how you want the oversized jumpsuit to fit, we've surmised the following sizing as such:

Model in left frame pictured in size large. (5"8' tall, curvy frame); Model in right frame pictured in size small. (5" tall, curvy frame)

 Small - Can fit up to a size 0-6 comfortably
Medium - Can fit up to a size 6-10 comfortably
Large - Can fit up to a size 12-14 comfortably
XL - Can fit up to a size 14-16 comfortably