I Am One Dope Chick In Haute Chocolate

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Give them BODY-ODY.

  • New color alert: MOCHA with monochromatic print (as shown)
  • Elegant Bodycon, super soft
  • Midi-dress with memory fibers that hugs your curves
  • Round Neckline *3/4 Sleeve*
  • Solid color
  • Stretchy 90% Polyester, 10%
  • Spandex Feels: jersey knit
  • Unlined
  • True to size Machine wash cold.
  • Dry clean suggested.
  • Imported.

*Please check additional photos for exact color, style, size chart & print placement - if available*

*****BUYER BEWARE*****: Please note, if you did not purchase this dress or any other "I AM ONE DOPE CHICK" design from Haus of Swag, it is indeed an unauthorized counterfeit. We have not authorized the sell of this product, the use of our copywritten photos, and/or likeness to any outside company or brand and we are well aware of the trademark infringement. There are no companies domestic or international who are authorized wholesalers of any Haus of Swag products. If you have made a purchase of this item, outside of our online store, you have been defrauded and the quality will be poor. There are over 70+ websites, with FAKE photo-shopped colors, styles and designs of 'I Am One Dope Chick', all unauthorized. THIS DRESS HAS NEVER BEEN PRODUCED IN ANY OTHER COLOR(S) beyond BLACK AND GREY. All of our products arrive in our personalized packaging, retail tags and signature Haus of Swag inside label tags. 'I Am One Dope Chick' is a registered trademark of the Haus of Swag brand. Thank you for your attention to this matter. BUY BLACK.